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Not sure what to get for Christmas ?

Like every year, the holidays are approaching and it's time to think about what to give to friends, family and colleagues.
The choice of the gift is always difficult because you never know if it will be appreciated or not.
At Agricola Piano we offer you the possibility to amaze your friends and relatives with a very special, unique and original Christmas gift, Olio Piano Art Line Natale Bio 500 ml bottle.

Description of the work:

"The Father Christmas actually follows a trail of oil, which ends in the plate (the moon). It's a metaphor for the path the oil takes before arriving at the table, which in the case of Christmas, becomes a real gift."
This personalised bottle will be a wonderful gift idea to make Christmas Day unforgettable.
Moreover, thanks to its unique decoration, it is a much-loved collector's item.
Olio Piano Art Line Christmas 2021 is the ideal accompaniment to the tasty dishes typical of this particular time of year.

Food pairings:

The oil is medium to intensely fruity. The nose has a clear olive fragrance with strong herbaceous notes, with hints of artichoke, almond, green tomato and floral.
The taste has balanced notes of bitterness and pungency.
It is ideal for all baked and grilled dishes such as bruschetta, fish and shellfish, meat, soups and vegetable dishes, soups with strong flavours, bitter and tasty cooked vegetables such as chicory and rocket, and fresh cheeses.
When used raw, it enhances the flavour of any dish.
Extra virgin olive oil Medium Fruity from Peranzana "Piano" monocultivar gives your dishes character, strength, aroma, flavour and balance.

Fast and safe shipping:

each gift box is carefully packed to ensure the integrity and freshness of the product during transport. For every event, a gourmet gift is always the right idea!

Olio Piano | It’s Italiano

On request, with a small additional cost, we can customize the bottle.

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