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Food Bonbonniere

Every year thousands of couples decide to join in marriage, a gesture of love that seals the union with their partner. This is a day of celebration and love, in which a convivial situation cheers up its guests. It is customary, at the end of the ceremony, to donate a present to the guests to thank them for their presence: the wedding favor. Many couples decides to give something that is much more significant.

The food favor allows spouses to donate something more personal, as a typical product of their region and, at the same time, allows the guests to bring home something that is more characteristic.

The Agricola Piano offers you the opportunity to give your guests something unique! Our food favors are the right combination of style and quality. Our packs are designed and meticulously cared for to meet all needs, and the products contained in them are the result of the extreme care taken in the production and transformation phases.
By giving away the Agricola Piano's Food Favor, you decide to tell a story: your story and that of the highest quality food of the Alto Tavoliere delle Puglie. (Southern part of Italy).

Don't miss our food favors and choose the one you prefer from our packs.

You can customize your packages with your names and the date of the wedding.

The Agricola Piano wedding favors are perfect for all important events: graduation, baptism, communion, confirmation, anniversary, ...
Fast and safe shipping: each gift pack is carefully packaged to guarantee the integrity and freshness of the product during transport. At every event the food favor is always the right idea!

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