Exclusive Area   YES

Royalty               NO   

Investment         0€

Who are we?
Agricola Piano was born in 1966 at Apricena (FG), but from many generations our family deals with agricolture, but only in 2011 we started transforming and sell in a short chain. Nowadays beside our agricultural production we have supply chain contracts with other local farmers that consent us the power meet the market demands.

Our company has always aimed to produce real food that is obtained first in the field and then through the research of ancient recipes and the careful study of the transformation processes that preserve the nutritional values and the organoleptic characteristics.

The world does not change with criticism but with actions
Raffaele Piano

Our company does not believe in globalization, but believes that there is a different way of doing business, a respectful way of nature and people. Our vision is to spread this new way of doing business, a way in which ethics is the cornerstone:
•    Respecting the environment using organic and integrated farming methods, protecting indigenous varieties and biological diversity;
•    Respecting the work of others, and therefore paying the right compensation to our employees and our suppliers;
•    Respecting the consumer by cultivating naturally and producing healthy food because food not only nourishes us but also prevents and heals our diseases. 

Professional flour 100% natural
A unique flour!

A flour that gives to whom make use of them the original taste of the wheat, and of course an extreme digestibility.
èViva the flour ensures reliability, constancy, performance and high digestibility. It confers to the dough higher elasticity, more smell, more taste and lightness.
It favors an higher absorbance of water, thus providing for an higher leavening and thus an higher yield. (Cost optimization)
It allows you to count on a superior product with respect to your competitor.
It satisfies the exigences of the market, that requires a product which is 100% NATURAL, highly digestible and tolerated even from gluten intolerants.
It is ideal for direct for direct doughs and long fermentations and/or leavening, our flours are all that the consumer is asking for and are a valuable alternative for those who want to distinguish from the competitors with a unique product.

What do our flours have of different?

The wheat
The climatic conditions of our territory are ideal for the cultivation of wheat, which therefore does NOT present MYCOTOXINS (the most cancerous natural molecule present in nature). Also in the agricultural phase we do NOT use Glyphosate (probably carcinogenic).
We grow ancient grains (mixtures of Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli) and modern with a high protein value, both tender and hard.

The processing
Our wheat is ground in a modern artisan mill with roller technology to oxidize our flour as little as possible and to offer high quality, keeping the germ alive. Our flours and semolina are totally natural, that is, produced without Improvement Agents and gluten added. Only six months of expiry.

To whom our proposal is addressed
Our proposal is adressed to who already has a business (Bakery, pizzeria, pastry shop, ecc) and is looking for flour and semolina totally natural.
The affiliate of èViva La Farina must have determination, passion for the natura and biological products, dialectical and relational skills, aptitude for interpersonal relationships, strong motivation, enthusiasm and desire to increase their economic resources.

What do we offer

  • User license of èViva brand name, La farina del Benessere for the duration of the contract;
  • Price list with dedicated purchase conditions;
  • The possibility to satisfy the esigence of the market increasingly in search of natural flours, digestible and tolerated even from who is affected from gluten sensitivity;
  • The opportunity to offer a unique product that consent you to distinguish yourself in a flat market;
  • Centralized marketing campaigns that aims to the acknowledgement of the brand;
  • Organization of events and activities in the point of sale;
  • Commercial support aimed for the acquisition of new clients through our web and social channels;
  • Franchising contract lasting 2 years renewable in the absence of cancellation;
  • No penals in the event of early termination of the contract;
  • Exclusive area;
  • Possibility to have training courses at your location (cost to be paid by the affiliate to be agreed based on the days of training requested.