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Food pairing   
It's ideal for all baked and grilled dishes such as bruschette, fish and molluscs, meat, soups and legume dishes, soups of strong flavors, cooked and tasty vegetables such as chicory and rocket, fresh cheeses. Great for frying. The raw oil exalts the taste of each dish.

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Like every year, festivity’s coming and so the time to decide what to give away to friends, relatives and colleagues. The choice is always hard because you can’t know whether the gift will be appreciated or not.

Festivities are in a way are an excuse to break the everyday routine and to spend some time with the beloved persons in a convivial situation. The gift is nothing less than a thought that mirrors the esteem and respect felt for the other.

Agricola Piano, like every year, offers you the opportunity to make your loved ones feel your affection, thanks to the amazing artisanal Gift Box, designed exactly for you, not only for Easter and Christmas but for every occasion in which you want to give something that will be 100 percent appreciated.

Our gastronomic gifts are the perfect mix between quality and design, our box has been designed with care and paying an extreme attention to the details, while the products inside are the expression of our meticulousness in the cultivation and transformation fase.

Our gift box gives value to your gesture: it narrates a story, the story of our territory (Puglia) and the one of our firm that from several decades produces and transforms his product at the highest quality and healthiness possible. Don’t let our gift box slip e chose among the different bundle the one that best fits your taste.