Given the increasing demand for natural flours, our company offers a commercial agreement to companies (pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops) for the exclusive use of our èViva flours.



Our strengths

1.    Our flour

a.     Preserves the smell and taste of wheat, gives a sense of lightness and extreme ease of digestion;

b.    Ensures reliability, consistency, performance, and high digestibility;

c.    Promotes greater water absorption, for higher leavening and yield which mean cost optimization;

d.    Ideal for indirect doughs and long fermentation and/or leavening.

e.     It meets the needs of the market, which is asking for a 100% Italian, 100% Natural, highly digestible, and tolerated even by gluten intolerant products;

f.      It allows you to differentiate yourself from the market thanks to its unique characteristics.

2.    Training and ongoing assistance

a.    Our flours, being completely natural, require a different approach in processing. This is why we make consultants available to our clients with the task of suggesting the best way to use them;

b.    In addition to providing you with dough management methods, we will present various recipes each month;

c.    Advice on the type of products to buy to get an excellent product;

d.    Development of an ad hoc menu for pizzerias, and products for bakeries and pastry shops.

3.    Communication management



What we offer

1.    The use of our sign;

2.     Assistance;

3.    Posters, leaflets, brochures: everything concerning the world of offline communication;

4.    Inclusion on our site in the list of activities that work with us;

5.    Low and customized costs based on the services requested.