Our company has always aimed to produce real food that is obtained first in the field and then through the research of ancient recipes and the careful study of the transformation processes that preserve the nutritional values and the organoleptic characteristics.

The world does not change with criticism but with actions
Raffaele Piano
Our company does not believe in globalization, but believes that there is a different way of doing business, a respectful way of nature and people. Our vision is to spread this new way of doing business, a way in which ethics is the cornerstone::
•    Respecting the environment using organic and integrated farming methods, protecting indigenous varieties and biological diversity;;
•    Respecting the work of others, and therefore paying the right compensation to our employees and our suppliers;
•    Respecting the consumer by cultivating naturally and producing healthy food because food not only nourishes us but also prevents and heals our diseases. 

Our products
Our products have been designed, desired and cared for in order to obtain natural foods of the highest quality. This choice allows us to be present in many Top restaurants, to be present in the assortments of many delis and wine shops, but above all allows us to be present on the tables of those people who love healthy food and have the right attitude for the wellbeing of mind and body.

The history
The company was founded by our father in 1966, however it is from many generations that my family is involved with agriculture. Since when I was just a kid I have been raised to continue the family tradition, probably they had great expectation on me because I was the first born and the only boy. Despite my young age, I realized pretty quickly that this job was very frustrating not only because of the unpredictability of weather conditions but also as a result of the food industry and its overwhelming power that did not allowed us to have a fair return to our hard work.
Probably this was the main reason has driven me away from the family business. So, after my studies I started to do something completely different. However, destiny always finds its own way to reach you. In fact, after my father's death I had to restarted looking after our small company.
Nowadays,I am proud to say that I am a successful farmer who processes and sells in a short supply chain everything he produces on field.

Our production

  • Italian Organic extra virgin olive oil from mono variety Peranzana, award-winning and recognized among the best in Italy;
  • Olives Peranzana in sea water, we are the only ones in the world to produce them with this ancient method and we are also winner of numerous prizes;
  • Natural flour produced with the following characteristics: 100% Italian wheat; Contain wheat germ alive; No chemicals addiction.
  • Artisanal pasta with wheat germ.