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Origins of the wedding favor

The word "bomboniera" has French origins and derives from the word "bombonnière", which is a small box containing bonbon, typical sweets that were similar to sugared almonds and were made by covering the almond with honey
Thanks to King Louis XIV, who made the custom of giving very elaborate favors as a sign of thanks a trend. The materials used for the creation of these boxes were painted ivory, mother of pearl, gold, and enamels.
While the use of wedding favors in Italy dates back to the 15th century when there was the custom of exchanging sugared almond boxes on the occasion of the engagement of a future married couple.
But it was only in 1896, with the wedding between Vittorio Emanuele, prince of Naples and future King of Italy, and Elena of Montenegro that the wedding favor became the object of a gift from the spouses for the guests, and therefore the tradition as we know it today was born. which is to remember the wedding day and to give thanks for the gifts received.

What is the significance of the number of sugared almonds on the favors?

The etiquette dictates that the sugared almonds inside the bags are always odd in number and traditionally they must be odd in number to signify the indivisibility of the union.
Each number has a specific meaning:
•    5 confetti symbolize: fertility, long life, health, wealth, and happiness;
•    3 confetti symbolize: the couple and the child;
•    1 sugared almond symbolizes the uniqueness of the event.
The color of the confetti used for the wedding is white, which indicates the purity and union of the two spouses.

Our proposal

L'Agricola Piano offers you the opportunity to give your guests something unique!
In fact, our gift box Olio Piano Art Line Matrimonio contains a refined bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Peranzana mono-varietal decorated with a matrimonial figure.
In this unique work by the artist Domenico Miglio, he intends to represent the happiness of the wedding day.
Our wedding favors with extra virgin olive oil are the right combination of style and quality.

Optional service

It is possible to personalize our packages with your names and the wedding date with a small extra contribution.

Fast and safe shipping: each gift box is carefully packed to ensure the integrity and freshness of the product during transport.

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