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Olio Piano Art Line was created to convey Emotions, (different, because every artist has their own art), through the works we print on our bottles of extra virgin olive oil from the single variety Peranzana.

The olive tree and oil have always been a source of inspiration for painters, so much so as to enter by right into the history of art, as a symbolic representation of virtues, dogmas, images and feelings.

What is art?

Tolstoy claimed that art is that which infects, which is capable of arousing in man that feeling of joy in spiritual communion with the artist and with others who contemplate the same work of art. In this way, art can stimulate peaceful coexistence among men through their free and joyful activity and can thus contribute to the suppression of violence, ensuring that feelings of brotherhood and love of neighbour, today accessible only to the best, become habitual, instinctive feelings in everyone.

The emotion we most want to convey to you is Joy, both through the artist's work and through the tasting of our extra virgin olive oil from the single variety Peranzana: the joy you feel when you eat a slice of bruschetta and it reminds you of the taste and smell of freshly pressed oil.

I can say with certainty that nothing like extra virgin olive oil can evoke memories, emotions and sensations as a result of its freshness, purity, authenticity and goodness.

Art transmits emotions, oil transmits emotions: oil is art.

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The artist

Domenico Miglio (1992)
Illustrator and graphic designer, after high school he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia with a thesis on underground comics.

He has had experience as a street caricaturist and as a graphic designer for communication agencies and public/private organisations.

He has designed covers for music albums, posters, typefaces, trademarks, t-shirts.

His main interest is drawing and illustration, with an eye on humorous comics, a research aimed at human feelings seen in a grotesque way.

He works on digital and traditional illustration, graphic design, design and visual communication.

The work

Name of the work: lovers in the sky

Description of the work
Two lovers meet in an abstract sky, representing their secret dimension. They are about to embrace, as if they had not seen each other for a long time, but at the same time, they are about to separate after having loved each other.

On request, with a small additional cost, we can customize the bottle.

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