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The choice of the Corporate Gourmet Hampers to donate to its collaborators or employees is presented every year on the holidays (Christmas, Easter etc.), and every year we ask ourselves what could be the best way to thank them for the work done with dedication. A gift generally appreciated by those who receive it, is a sign that shows the appreciation of a company (small, medium or large) towards the people with whom it faces the vicissitudes of work every day. It is not true that thought is enough. When looking for a gadget for your customers or employees, always try to choose something that is useful for them. When the gift chosen has these characteristics, your customers or collaborators, will associate the positive feeling experienced to your brand and your company.

The Agricola Piano aims to meet your needs, giving you the opportunity to make your employees feel important, spreading a feeling of friendship, esteem and affection. Our Gift Boxes are the right combination of style and quality. The design of our baskets is carefully thought out in all its details, and the products inside it are the result of a very careful care in the phases of cultivation and transformation, which gives an incontestable quality.

The Corporate Gourmet Hampers of the Agricola Piano is not aimed only to satisfy the need to find a mere "situation" gift, on the contrary it gives an added value to your gesture, because it tells a story: the history of the Puglia (southern region of Italy) and the one of our little firm that for years has been producing and transforming agricultural products in the name of quality and healthiness.

Don't miss our gastronomic gift and choose the one you prefer from our packs.

Fast and safe shipping: each gift box is carefully packaged to guarantee the integrity and freshness of the product during transport. At every event the gastronomic gift is always ideal!


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