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How is Peranzana olive in sea water born?

One day, I asked myself how were born the olives in Brine (Greek method), while I was doing research, I came across a legend telling of a Greek fisherman, who while launching the nets in the water near the coast saw that there were some olives floating in the sea water, he intrigued picked one up and after observing it for a moment, took it to his mouth to taste it. With great amazement the fisherman after tasting the olives, he realized that they had lost their bitter taste.
At this point I began to make my deductions and asked myself: The salt in antiquity was a valuable food and was used for this as a currency. Is it possible that ancient Greeks have used salt to make brine and not sea that is a natural brine?
I believe that they have utulizzato the sea water to remove the bitterness from olives and for this reason I also started to produce them so too. The sea water I use is purified with mechanical and ionic filters and are currently I'm the unique in the world to produce them with this method.


The common kitchen salt is 100% sodium chloride, while mineral salts dissolved in sea water have the most complete content of mineral salts. This characteristic gives my olives a different scent and a greater nutritional value (- Sodium, + Potassium, + Calcium).

Production area  

Apricena (FG)  -  ITALY


Peranzana Olives


Peranzana Olives, sea water. Acidity regulator: lactic acid.

Sensory evaluation card

Medium size and ovoid shape (homogeneous)
Purple color tending to black (variable - homogeneous)

Unmistakable fragrance of olive and herbaceous.

Fresh herbaceous, juicy, with crisp and averagely compact pulp, tasty, almost acidulous and with a slight hint of artichoke, green tomatoes and spice. Detachment of the olive pit from the pulp: clear and complete.

Packaging information

Jar 1062 ml 37,38 uk fl oz

Drained weight   
650 gr 1lb 6,93oz


Humidity and temperature conditions / max 20° C/ 68° F ideal.

Closed package   
36 months for packaging stored in a cool place and protected from sunlight

Open package   
7 days in the fridge.

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Data sheet

1062 ml

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