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How is spiced olive born?

From Greek myths to the Bible, olives are the centerpiece and center of Mediterranean history. In the Roman Empire the olives were served in all dinners, even in the most important ones: as Marziale said, they were both the beginning that the end of the meal, namely they were brought as appetizers, or offered when, finished eating, they were entertaining themselves to drink. Usually the olives were kept in brine until they had to be to be used, then they were drained and mixed with various aromas and oil (or other). Our company decided to produce them according to one of these recipes.


The final result are scented, crisp and slightly spicy olives. The Peranzana Spiced Olives are juicy, tasty, with crispy and spicy pulp at the right point. Irresistible! One leads to another.

Production area 

Apricena (FG)  -  ITALY


Peranzana Olives


Italian Olives from Peranzana variety, Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, garlic, chili pepper.

Sensory evaluation card

Medium size and ovoid shape (homogeneous)
Purple color tending to black (variable - homogeneous)

Unmistakable fragrance of olive and herbaceous.

Fresh herbaceous, juicy, with crisp and averagely compact pulp, tasty, almost acidulous and with a slight hint of artichoke, green tomatoes and spice. Detachment of the olive pit from the pulp: clear and complete.

Packaging information

Jar 1062 ml 37,38 uk fl ozù

Drained weight   
650 gr  1lb 6,93oz


Humidity and temperature conditions / max 20° C/ 68° F ideal.

Closed package   
36 months for packaging stored in a cool place and protected from sunlight

Open package   
7 days in the fridge.

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Data sheet

1062 ml

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