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Ceccarelli Blend | All-Purpose Flour / Plain Flour Italian Type 0 from Ancient Soft Grains - Natural Flour, with Wheat Germ

Ceccarelli Blend | All-Purpose Flour / Plain Flour Italian Type 0 from Ancient Soft Grains - Natural Flour, with Wheat Germ

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Discover the "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ, a unique blend of about 2000 varieties of ancient soft grains selected by Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli. With its low gluten content, it offers a unique culinary experience thanks to its distinctive flavors and aromas.

Cylinder ground, it retains the wheat germ, guaranteeing a high-quality product, healthy and nutritious.

Experience the authentic taste of the "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ Ceccarelli Mixture!

A quality choice for unforgettable recipes, available for immediate purchase.

Don't miss this opportunity: culinary tradition awaits you with just a click!

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"0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ | Ceccarelli Mixture

A Harmony of Cereals

Our flour is the result of a mixture of about 2000 varieties of ancient soft grains, created by Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli. This choice stems from our desire to produce in a sustainable and respectful manner for the environment and traditions. Its main purpose is the production of the precious bread of Monte Sant'Angelo, recognized as a Slow Food Presidium.

Cylinder Grinding and without additives

The "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ is obtained through a cylinder grinding. At the heart of our corporate philosophy is the decision to fully preserve the living wheat germ, without subtracting it, and to create our flours without the addition of any kind of artificial or chemical additives. The integrity of the wheat germ gives our flours significant nutritional properties, positively influencing the cooking of the product and the ability to absorb liquids. The result is a genuine and healthy product, perfect for a balanced diet.


Consume within 6 months of production for optimal freshness

A Tribute to Tradition and Sustainability

Our flour is a mixture of ancient grains grown with sustainable, organic methods. The Ceccarelli Mixture allows us to produce a flour that respects the environment, biodiversity and our health. These ancient grains, compared to modern varieties, have a lower gluten content, making the flour more digestible and tolerable.

Quality and Characteristics

  • Protein content between 11.0% and 12.50%
  • W factor between 190 and 220

This flour has excellent liquid absorption, above 60%, and gradual hydration is recommended to achieve optimal results.

A Unique Sensory Experience

The ancient grains give our flour unique flavors and aromas that you won't find in modern flours. This makes every preparation an unforgettable culinary experience, harking back to the tradition and authenticity of yesteryear's products.

Ideal Preservation

To maintain the freshness and quality of the "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ, we recommend storage at a temperature between 20 and 22°C and relative humidity between 65% and 68%. These conditions preserve the properties of the flour, positively influencing its behavior and yield during use.

A Versatile Product

This flour is perfectly suited to a variety of preparations, from pizza to bread, from pasta to pastry. Experience the difference that an ancient grain flour can make in your kitchen creations. Discover the tradition and quality of "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ, and elevate your culinary art to a new level.

Gastronomic Indications

The "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of culinary preparations. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of this unique flour:

  1. Pizza: The ancient grains give pizza a unique and unmistakable flavor. The high liquid absorption capacity and the W factor make it the perfect choice for pizzas that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
  2. Bread: Experience the difference that ancient grains can make in your everyday bread. The low gluten content and rich taste will make your homemade bread truly special.
  3. Homemade Pasta: Make fresh homemade pasta with our ancient grain flour. The result will be pasta with a unique consistency and flavor.
  4. Desserts and Cookies: Ancient grain flour can also be used for desserts and cookies. Its unique aroma will add a special touch to your desserts.
  5. Focaccia: Focaccia made with ancient grain flour has a rich taste and incredible texture. It's perfect for aperitifs or as a meal accompaniment.
  6. Gnocchi: The W of 190/220 makes this flour ideal for gnocchi, as it helps to give the right consistency to the dough.
  7. Crêpes: The flour of ancient soft grains adds a unique flavor and a soft and light texture to the crêpes, making them even more delicious.
  8. Omelettes: The flour can be used to thicken omelettes, giving them a richer taste and a more satisfying texture.
  9. Polenta: The authentic and natural flavor of ancient soft grain flour will enrich your polenta, giving it a deeper taste.
  10. Flans: This flour is perfect for flans thanks to its protein content of 11/12.5 which ensures a good structure to the dish.
  11. Savoury Pies: The authentic and rich flavor of this flour greatly enhances savory pies, giving them a more complex taste and a more pleasant texture.
  12. Muffins, Pancakes and Waffles: This flour can give your baked goods a unique taste and a soft and light texture, perfect for starting the day with taste.
  13. Scones: Ancient soft grain flour can add a rustic touch to these classic tea cakes, enhancing their flavor and texture.
  14. Yorkshire Pudding: This traditional English side dish can benefit from the authentic flavor of your flour, enriching its structure.
  15. Cornish Pasty: Use your flour to create the dough for these fillings, adding a deeper flavor and a more robust texture.
  16. Cornbread: Although the original recipe calls for cornmeal, the addition of ancient soft grain flour can enrich the flavor and texture of this typical American bread.
  17. Pie Crust: Ancient grain flour can be used to create tastier and sturdier pie bases.
  18. Knekkebrød (Norwegian crisp bread): This typical Norwegian bread, made with various types of flour, can benefit from the unique taste of your ancient soft grain flour.
  19. Kladdkaka (Swedish chocolate cake): Using your flour for this chocolate cake can add a denser texture and a deeper flavor.
  20. Rye Bread: Even though it is traditionally made with rye flour, adding your ancient grain flour can enrich the structure and taste of this bread typical of Scandinavian cuisine.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Experiment and discover new ways to use the "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ in your culinary creations!

Type of doughs and suggested processes

Ancient soft grain flour may require shorter leavening times compared to modern wheat flour, but the results will be absolutely worth it. Here are some basic guidelines:

Direct Doughs:

At room temperature (20-22°C):

  • Sourdough: Use about 15-20% sourdough relative to the weight of the flour (e.g., 150-200g per 1kg of flour). The leavening time may vary between 6 and 8 hours, depending on the temperature and the activity of the sourdough.
  • Baker's yeast: Use about 2-3g of baker's yeast per 1kg of flour. The leavening time will be about 2-3 hours.

In the fridge at 4°C:

  • Sourdough: Use about 10-15% sourdough relative to the weight of the flour (e.g., 100-150g per 1kg of flour). The leavening time will be about 24 hours.
  • Baker's yeast: Use 0.5-1g of baker's yeast per 1kg of flour. The leavening time will be about 18-24 hours.

For the Biga:

At room temperature (20-22°C):

  • Baker's yeast: Use 0.1-0.2g of baker's yeast per 1kg of flour. The biga should rest for about 16-20 hours. In the fridge at 4°C:
  • Baker's yeast: Use 0.1g of baker's yeast per 1kg of flour. The biga should rest for about 24-48 hours.

Yeast management: seasonal adjustments for perfect doughs

Proper yeast management is equally important and requires adjustments based on the seasons. During the summer, when temperatures are higher, it is recommended to reduce the amount of yeast to 1 gram per kilo of dough and increase the amount of salt to 25 grams per kilo. Conversely, during the winter, when temperatures are lower, it is recommended to increase the amount of baker's yeast to 2 grams and decrease the amount of salt to 20 grams per kilo.

Hydration of the flour: a key element for a perfect dough

To obtain a perfect dough, correct hydration of the flour is fundamental. Follow these guidelines for an optimal result: incorporate 50% of the total water directly with the flour and gradually add the remaining half. Keep in mind that the temperature of the water varies depending on the seasons: in summer and during hot days, it is advisable to use chilled water at 4°C, while in winter and during cold days, tap water is sufficient.

Dough method and hydration: influences on the final result

The dough is a fundamental element to obtain a quality product. The choice of the dough method influences the possible hydration and the final result. When kneading by hand, it is important to bear in mind that high hydrations are not easily achievable, so it is recommended not to exceed 60% hydration. In the case of a dough with a planetary mixer, it is suggested to adopt the same hydration of the hand-made dough, being careful not to overheat the dough to avoid compromising the structure of the gluten. With a professional or semi-professional spiral mixer, it is possible to go towards higher hydrations, which vary based on the strength of the product and the amount of fibers present. It is recommended to start kneading at a low speed and gradually increase it until reaching the final dough.
However, keep in mind that these are only basic indications and modifications may be required depending on the specifics of your cooking environment.
Don't miss the opportunity to try our "0" Type Ancient Soft Grains Flour with Germ! Discover the uniqueness of a mixture of 2000 varieties of ancient grains, to give your dishes an authentic and inimitable taste. Whether you are preparing rustic homemade bread, a crispy pizza, or a tempting sweet, this flour will revolutionize your kitchen.

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