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Eggplants (Aubergines) in Oil - Italian Fillets in EVOO, Ancient Recipe, Delicious 212 ml

Eggplants (Aubergines) in Oil - Italian Fillets in EVOO, Ancient Recipe, Delicious 212 ml

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Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are a culinary treasure that evokes the flavors of ancient family recipes.

These delicacies are crafted with care, using eggplants grown under the Apulian sun and our award-winning single varietal Peranzana extra virgin olive oil.

The result is a product that recalls culinary traditions of the past, just like our grandmother used to make.

Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are versatile in the kitchen: ideal for appetizers, gourmet bruschetta, salads, and much more. Purchase now and treat yourself to the authentic taste of traditional cuisine.



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Striped Eggplants in Oil: a culinary treasure from ancient roots

Striped Eggplants in oil are an authentic culinary delight that has its roots in ancient gastronomic traditions. These delicacies are the result of a preservation method passed down from generation to generation, a treasure that recalls the authentic flavors of traditional cuisine. In this article, we'll explore the origins of eggplants and the traditional method of preserving vegetables in oil, as well as why our Striped Eggplants in oil are so extraordinary, faithful to the recipes passed down from our dear grandmother.

The origins of Eggplants and their role in traditional cuisine

Eggplants, belonging to the Solanaceae family, are native to India and were introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages through trade routes. Since then, these tasty vegetables have gained a prominent place in Mediterranean cuisine, becoming an indispensable ingredient in many traditional dishes. Apulia, in particular, is one of the Italian regions where eggplants are grown with passion and dedication, thanks to the favorable climate and fertile soil.

The traditional method of preserving under oil

The preservation of vegetables under oil is an ancient practice that dates back to distant times. This method allows preserving the flavors and aromas of the ingredients over time, guaranteeing unique authenticity and taste. Striped Eggplants in oil are obtained through a traditional process that includes cooking the eggplants, cut into strips, and then preserving them in an award-winning organic Italian single varietal Peranzana extra virgin olive oil. This type of oil, produced with care and dedication, gives the eggplants an unmistakable flavor, making every bite an unforgettable experience.

Striped Eggplants in Oil: a delicacy from southern Italy

Our Striped Eggplants in Oil are the result of a perfect combination of quality ingredients and a simple and natural recipe, handed down from generation to generation. The eggplants, grown under the warm sun of Apulia, reach optimal ripeness, developing an intense and aromatic flavor. The Organic Italian Single Varietal Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained from selected olives awarded for their quality, gives the eggplants a unique character, enriching their flavors with notes of fruitiness and a slight spiciness.

Culinary pairings for Striped Eggplants in Oil: discover delicious combinations

The culinary pairings for Striped Eggplants in Oil offer endless possibilities to enrich your dishes with a touch of Mediterranean flavor. Here are some delicious combinations to try:

  1. Pizza with Eggplants and Mozzarella: The combination of eggplants, mozzarella, and basil on a pizza base is a classic of Italian cuisine that can be easily adapted to English and American cooking. The sweetness of the eggplants pairs well with the stretchy cheese and aromatic basil.
  2. Shepherd's Pie with Eggplants: By adding eggplants to the classic English Shepherd's Pie, you add depth and complexity to the dish. The eggplant can be a good substitute for part of the meat or can simply be added to enrich the flavor.
  3. Grilled Chicken and Eggplant Sandwich: A sandwich filled with grilled chicken, striped eggplants, lettuce, and tomato offers a combination of flavors and textures. The eggplants add a unique touch of flavor that pairs well with the chicken.
  4. Eggplant and Quinoa Salad: A salad of striped eggplants, quinoa, spinach, and nuts is a healthy and nutritious dish. The eggplant adds an earthy flavor that balances the sweet flavors of the quinoa and nuts.
  5. Mac and Cheese with Eggplants: A classic of American cuisine can be elevated with the addition of striped eggplants. The eggplants add a nice contrast to the creamy cheese and pasta.
  6. Sausage and Baked Eggplants: Sausages and eggplants pair well together. The eggplants can absorb the fat and flavors of the sausage, creating a juicy and tasty dish.
  7. Eggplant Burger: By replacing the meat with striped eggplants, you get a delicious and healthy vegetarian burger. The eggplants can be mixed with other ingredients like lentils and nuts to create a protein-rich meat alternative.
  8. Beef and Eggplant Stew: The rich, earthy taste of eggplants pairs well with beef in a warm stew. The eggplants can absorb the meat broth, adding further flavor to the dish.
  9. Eggplant Crostini: Slices of toasted bread can be garnished with striped eggplants, sun-dried tomatoes, and a bit of goat cheese for a delicious and easy-to-prepare appetizer.
  10. Omelette with Eggplants: Striped eggplants can be added to an omelette with onions, peppers, and cheese for a substantial breakfast or brunch.

With these culinary pairings, you can experiment with new flavors and create original dishes that highlight Striped Eggplants in Oil, giving a Mediterranean touch to your culinary preparations. Let yourself be inspired by tradition and the goodness of our eggplants, for an unforgettable taste experience.

Description of Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are an explosion of Mediterranean flavors enclosed in a handy 212 ml format. This delicacy is composed of 63% succulent eggplants, accompanied by a rich 34% Italian extra virgin olive oil, to ensure an authentic and superior quality taste. The recipe is enriched with garlic, chili, oregano, mint, and a delicate note of wine vinegar. The ingredients are enhanced by acidity correctors such as citric acid and a natural antioxidant such as ascorbic acid.

High-quality ingredients for an authentic taste

Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are made with high-quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure an authentic and genuine taste. The eggplants, which make up most of the product, are carefully chosen for their freshness and quality. The Italian extra virgin olive oil, which represents the heart of this delicacy, comes from top-quality olives and offers a rich and characteristic flavor. The aromas of garlic, chili, oregano, and mint harmoniously blend together, creating a unique and satisfying taste profile.

Product preservation and shelf life

Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensure a long shelf life thanks to their sealed format. The closed package can be stored for a period of 36 months, provided it is kept in a cool place and away from sunlight. Once the package is opened, it is recommended to consume the product within 7 days and to store it in the refrigerator, to preserve its freshness and organoleptic properties.

Allergen information and safe production

Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are produced in a plant that also uses lupins, celery, and fish. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the possible presence of traces of these allergens in the product. To ensure maximum food safety, strict hygiene and control measures are adopted during the entire production process, to avoid cross-contamination and ensure an excellent quality product. Striped Eggplants in Extra Virgin Olive Oil are ideal for enriching your dishes with a Mediterranean touch and offer a unique culinary experience. Thanks to their handy packaging and long shelf life, you can enjoy them whenever you want, turning every meal into an unforgettable taste experience.

In conclusion:

Striped Eggplants in oil are a culinary delight that combines the traditions of the past with the authentic flavors of Apulia. These delicacies are the emblem of an ancient preservation method and an artisanal care that respects the purity of the ingredients. With our Striped Eggplants in oil, you can taste a piece of culinary history and relive the flavors that our grandmother gifted us. Delicate, flavorful, and irresistible, they are an excellence that pays homage to traditional Italian cuisine.

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