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Origins and history

The vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil have ancient origins, in fact through this practice it is possible to maintain, for long enough time, the main organoleptic characteristics (consistency, flavor, odor, color) of the vegetables and protect them from alterations that would compromise their edibility. It is known that the Roman legions consume large daily amounts of foods preserved in oil. Our company is currently recovering these ancient knowledge and marrying it with the new technologies available has been able to offer the consumer products safe food and tasty from the culinary point of view

Production area   

Apricena (FG)  -  ITALY

Food pairings

Ideal to use as an appetizer, possibly enriched with parmesan flakes. The slightly bitter taste makes it an excellent ingredient for the preparation of soups and sauces to accompany first and second courses, in particular as a simple side dish to fish and shellfish main courses. It has a surprising taste when used in omelettes or golden in batter.

Packaging information

Jar 212 ml 7,46 uk fl oz

Drained weight   
200 gr    0lb 7,05 oz


Humidity and temperature conditions / max 20° C/ 68° F ideal.
Closed package   
36 months for packaging stored in a cool place and protected from sunlight
Open package   
7 days in the fridge.


Data sheet

212 ml

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