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Flours born from our fields!

What do our flours have of different?

The wheat

The climatic conditions of our territory are ideal for the cultivation of wheat, which therefore does NOT present MYCOTOXINS (the most cancerous natural molecule present in nature). Also in the agricultural phase we do NOT use Glyphosate (probably carcinogenic). We grow ancient grains (mixtures of Prof. Salvatore Ceccarelli) and modern with a high protein value, both tender and hard.

The processing

Our wheat is ground in a modern artisan mill with roller technology to oxidize our flour as little as possible and to offer high quality, keeping the germ alive. Our flours and semolina are totally natural, that is, produced without Improvement Agents and gluten added. Only six months of expiry.


13,5 - 14,50%





Liquid absorption 

Tall, greater than 60%

Types of doughs and processing

Leavened dough both by direct method and by indirect method, both with brewer's yeast and with mother yeast.

Supported cooking type 

Electric oven, wood-burning oven, gas oven. Frying. Boiling in water and steaming. A sweet cooking (at not too high temperatures) and in slow way is always preferable. Because it ensures perfect drying of the product to the center and ensures a uniform and golden color.

Duration of dough 

Yeast based doughs: up to 12 hours outside the refrigeration cell at 4°C/39.2℉; 48 hours in the cell. Dough times vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Conservability of the finished product   

Conservation is excellent and prolonged over time at both room temperature and freezer (in the case of pre-cooked and frozen products).   
The presence of wheat germ alive and the greater presence of fibers allow the product to keep cool for longer.

Recommended temperatures and humidity   

20 – 22°C        68° – 71,6°F
65% - 68 % (Room temperature)
The storage conditions of the flour determine the behavior and yield during use.

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