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Professional Flour 100% Natural

How many time do we read about the importance of an healthy diet?

And how many time do we heard it from our Med?

Our company’s philosophy, based on the ethic production, perfectly combines with the principle of offering to the final consumer an healthy food, easily digestible, without the use of any chemical which may cause allergies, intolerances or any other kind of health issue.
On the ground of this principle our èViva flours were conceived, obtained grinding exclusively Italian wheat (Apulian: NO mycotoxins, NO glyphosate).
When we produce them, we do it with a purpose: make them reliable and performing.
For this reason we cultivate strong wheat with an high content of protein, mixing wisely our wheat, it becomes constant.
We transform our wheat into flours KEEPING the germ inside (rich of nutrients), and also we don’t make use of chemicals to make the flour more elastic (e.g. dry gluten). In this way our flour is easily digestible.

What’s the result then? A unique flour!

A flour that gives to whom make use of them the original taste of the wheat, and of course an extreme digestibility.
èViva the flour ensures reliability, constancy, performance and high digestibility. It confers to the dough higher elasticity, more smell, more taste and lightness.
It favors an higher absorbance of water, thus providing for an higher leavening and thus an higher yield. (Cost optimization)
It allows you to count on a superior product with respect to your competitor.
It satisfies the exigences of the market, that requires a product which is 100% NATURAL, highly digestible and tolerated even from gluten intolerants.
It is ideal for direct for direct doughs and long fermentations and/or leavening, our flours are all that the consumer is asking for and are a valuable alternative for those who want to distinguish from the competitors with a unique product.

Kind of milling 

Our wheat is milled with roller technology, without removing grain germ and without adding additives.    Roller technology allows us to not heat the grain and to maintain all nutritional characteristics.


9,5 - 10,50%





Liquid absorption 

Tall, greater than 60%

Types of doughs and processing 

Leavened dough both by direct method and by indirect method, both with brewer's yeast and with mother yeast.

Supported cooking type 

Electric oven, wood-burning oven, gas oven. Frying. Boiling in water and steaming.   
A sweet cooking (at not too high temperatures) and in slow way is always preferable. Because it ensures perfect drying of the product to the center and ensures a uniform and golden color.

Duration of dough 

Yeast based doughs: up to 3 hours outside the refrigeration cell at 4°C/39.2℉; 12/24 hours in the cell. Dough times vary depending on temperature and humidity.

Conservability of the finished product 

Conservation is excellent and prolonged over time at both room temperature and freezer (in the case of pre-cooked and frozen products). 
The presence of wheat germ alive and the greater presence of fibers allow the product to keep cool for longer.

Recommended temperatures and humidity   

20 – 22°C        68° – 71,6°F
65% - 68 % (Room temperature)
The storage conditions of the flour determine the behavior and yield during use.

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